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Tender spring green

Tender spring greenPANTONE announced the main color this year. According to their painstaking research, the most important color of this year will be GREENERY, PANTONE 15-0343.

GREENERY is a symbol of new beginnings. This is a fresh and bright yellow-green color, which we can see only in the early days of spring. Being restored after the cold winter, nature is renewed and fills the air with the scent of flowering plants. The lush foliage on the trees sates dusty city with freshness, revitalizes it, gives us a deep breath.

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The intense rhythm of modern cities motivates us more and more to dive into the beauty of nature with a deep desire for experiencing the harmony of the surrounding natural world. This innate need is reflected in all areas of life: architecture, urban planning, design, and other areas. As a consequence of these human aspirations, the energetic GREENERY comes to the fore as a powerful symbol of vitality.


So how do you add this color to your wardrobe? It will be harmonious with burgundy, orange, light yellow, beige, turquoise, light purple, blue and ash-brown colors.